Bail Bonds in Monterey Park can be posted at the Police station 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The jail resides just south of the 10 freeway, south of Garvey and west of Garfield on Newmark Ave inside of the Police Department. People accused of committing crimes within the Monterey Park’s city limits will be housed at the City Police Department’s jail up to their first court date. They may however, end up being transferred to an Los Angeles County Jail (Twin Towers for males and CRDF for females) if they have a medical condition or other special circumstance. Where the arrested individual will be transferred to, largely depends on the severity of their crime. Inmates, who aren’t required to move to a specific jailing facility, will remain at the station jail until their first court appearance. We offer our professional service 24/7, to move the bail process as quickly as humanly possible, regardless of the individual and where they are located. If the jail has set a bail amount, and all other legal papers have been submitted, the release will take place quickly. We have the experience to set your loved one free, usually within 30 minutes. Don’t wait, if they get transferred to a Los Angeles County facility, the time it will take to get them out will increase exponentially.

We completely understand the burden and stress families go through in these situations. We are prepared to assist you on a moment’s notice.

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Booking and release

Anyone arrested in the Monterey Park area, can be confronted by the LAPD, CHP, and/or LA Sheriff’s Department. Question of where and who doesn’t really play a major role here. The most important step is to acquire the services of a bail bond service. Some would consider attempting to go through this process by themselves. That would be a good idea provided you are a law graduate with knowledge on the matter at your fingertips. That however isn’t usually the case. The process of bail can only be started after the inmate has been cleared by the Department of Justice. For this to happen, police officers will first have to take a thorough profile of the individual and do a fingerprint scanning to be entered in the national database.
Monterey Park California Bail Bondsman
Once this has been done, there will be the process of reading various forms, filling out those forms accordingly and signing them. This requires prior knowledge on bonds, which our agents have, and will only take up to 30 minutes of your time.

Monterey Park Jail Entrance

Monterey Park Jail Entrance

We Offer Professional Legal Service

The legal system in place has been made with as much detail as possible. That being said it takes knowledge, time and effort to navigate through it and ensure a time-efficient bail process. This whole procedure may feel like a complete hassle and unnecessary. We can help you with it and take a huge burden of your shoulders because we understand and feel your frustration. Consult with any of our licensed local agents and we will assist you immediately and efficiently. To use the Los Angeles Sheriff’s inmate locator click here.

Speak with a licensed bail bondsman 24/7 at: 626-400-1411

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